I know… I know… you are going to say, but I paid for it.  I want to use it.

But, do you really want a third party dictating what type of care you get, based solely on statistics and what increases utilization and premiums?

You heard me right, I really did say “increases”.

This is the fundamental problem with our current system.  Following our insurance ‘reformes’, an insurance company is now just paid a percentage of the premiums that go through their hands.  Ultimately they make more money the higher the health expenses are, premiums must go up, for them to increase their profits!

  • While it is true that they seem to deny a lot  of claims (which probably really ticks you off) it is also true that the higher they can justify your premiums the more they make, so in the end high cost services make them more money.  This is unintended consequence of regulating the industry.
  • True wellness care drastically lowers utilization and ultimately lower premiums and is ultimately bad for the insurance company.  This is why you never see real wellness promoted generally by either the medical department or the insurance companies.  In fact, they seem to actively contend against doctors that attempt to do such.
  • It seems that mainstream ideas of prevention are to just put you on the drug at an earlier stage, with a “not yet a problem.”

doctor_looking_angrySo why is it good that your benefits were so terrible?  

  • Because now you will actually consider real healthcare.
  • Because now you see the futility and expense associated with treating every problem as if it were a crisis.
  • But there is another reason.  Insurance inflates cost. Especially when it comes to chiropractic.  When you bill for a $10,000 surgery, the cost of insurance participation is about the same as when you bill out for a $45 adjustment.  So for the $10,000 surgery the cost of billing is only about 1%, but for a chiropractic adjustment, it is closer to 50%.
  • Now add to that, the insurance company dictating to the doctor what types of care he can offer you and still be considered for participating in the plan.
  • Then consider that they only cover a few visits, leaving you exposed for the full cost of the care that is not covered.  What usually happens, is the care you paid full price for offsets the care you had partial coverage for -assuming of course that you even got past your deductible and had any benefit at all.
  • THIS IS A BAD DEAL FOR YOU, ALL PACKAGED UP LIKE A GOOD DEAL!  It is like a nicely gift wrapped box of pretty much nothing.  There usually is no actual financial benefit, or at least very little.

So what is the solution?

Find an office that is not networking with insurance companies.  They will likely be able to reduce the cost of care.  In most cases, they will be able to even match or beat your actual insurance benefit.  In the case of chiropractic, most insurance usually won’t pay out any more than what a doctor would have been willing to reduce the cost of care by, if not billing it out to an insurance company.

bigstock-Obama-Care-Headline-53668531Now that The “NOT” Affordable Care Act is in full swing, everyone is starting to realize the stark truth of what I am saying.  I had a patient recently present with a $30,000 deductible.  Let’s get real.  Your only option now is to get healthy and not need this system.  Your only reasonable option is to seek out alternatives to being in this system.


Chiropractic care is affordable -almost ridiculously so.  Mix that with an office that can teach you what to do at home to empower yourself with the health of your family using options like nutrition, quality essential oils, and other lifestyle changes.  Now you have a legitimate solution to your insurance nightmare.


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