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Step 1: Schedule a New Patient Exam

We take getting to know you very seriously.  Your first visit to the office will consist of a comprehensive consultation, review of health history, chiropractic exam, thermographic scans, and x-rays (if requested by your Doctor). Please allow 1 hour for this visit.

 Step 2: Report of Findings

After your Doctor has reviewed all the results of your exam, we will pass the information on to you.  During your second visit to our office, your x-rays will be explained and we will discuss the current state of your spine’s health.  The Doctor will also give you recommendations for care and treatment options. Please allow 40 minutes for this visit.

Step 3: Corrective Care

Our corrective care plans are specifically designed with your spine in mind, so each one looks a little different. During the corrective phase of care, the most physical change is made to the spine.  It’s also the time when the most change is made to your body’s function and symptom (think of less pain!).  Along the way, we perform re-exams to monitor progress and alter care if needed. Our end goal is to help restore function and stabilize your spine. Please allow 20 minutes for each visit.

 Step 4: Wellness Care

After corrective care comes wellness, or maintenance, care. Together, we have made healthy changes to your spine and it is functioning the way it was designed to. Routine maintenance care is simple but critical to preventing problems from arising again. Congratulations, the hard work is done. Enjoy your healthy spine, healthy life!

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