The Patriot Project

You serve. We support.

What is the Patriot Project?

The Patriot Project is a grass roots movement to provide chiropractic care to all Active Military, their Families, Wounded Warriors & All Gold Star Dependents.

Chiropractic care is included in veteran’s health benefits but has not been made readily available for all Wounded Warriors. Many of the ailments currently being treated largely with pain medication and psychotropic drugs can be relieved more conservatively with chiropractic care. It is important to offer our active duty non-drug, non-surgical options for their conditions and Doctors of Chiropractic offer such care with attention to the optimum function and health of the whole person.

With adequate funding, The Patriot Project will include a USO-type chiropractic care tour, visiting military bases around the world including Afghanistan and Iraq including all active forward operating bases. The Patriot Project is determined to have chiropractic physicians commissioned in the military similarly to the commissioning of other physicians – MD/DOs. The Patriot Project is determined to have active Chiropractic care available in all VA Hospitals across the USA. This will ensure the choice of conservative chiropractic care and ready access for all active duty to non-drug, non-surgical options.

What is Evergreen Chiropractic Doing for the Patriot Project?

At Evergreen Wellness Studios, we are giving all military Vets, Wounded Warriors, and active duty members will receive a gift card for complementary exam and xrays for their initial appointment. Upon completing the initial exam the patient will be presented with a treatment plan of recommended care that will be specific to them and their individual needs. Any care recommended will be given at a discounted rate. Family members (spouse and children 18 & under) of the qualifying patient will be given the same reduced fee care as well.

If you know a member of the military that could benefit from receiving care in our office, please don’t hesitate to call! 



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