This is My Story

When entrusted with your health or your loved ones’ health, I ask myself as a husband and father of six children what I would do if I were attending to my child or a family member. I’ve studied various techniques from traditional chiropractic to gentle instrument adjusting, and employ state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to ensure you receive comprehensive and quality treatment based on your individual needs. We’ve designed the office to help you feel comfortable, support your needs and inspire you to reach a greater level of health. I believe health is a journey, not a destination. Remove the obstacles to your health and your nervous system will do what it does best; heal itself. Pain and discomfort are warnings there may be a problem. Instead of covering it up, let’s clear the way for your body to heal. Every function is controlled by your nervous system traveling down the spine; keep it in good working health and you will benefit in unexpected ways.

In addition to my formal education at Parker College of Chiropractic, I spent prior years working in surgery. This gives me a unique perspective. I understand how incredible our modern medical system can be, but more importantly, I know I never want to need it! Taking care of oneself is much easier and less expensive than waiting for a crisis.

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